“Kerry is a tremendous advocate for quality and competence. His ability to match people, knowledge, skills and capabilities with a company's requirements is stellar. He has been a huge asset for our firm. I recommend him very highly.”

Aram H Kailian, FAIA
Director of Federal Programs
Washington DC Office
Leo A Daly

Current Searches

Managing Principal, Minneapolis, MN

Managing Principal, Houston, TX

Director of Hospitality, Washington, DC

Director of Sustainability, McLean, VA

Senior Healthcare Project Manager, Philadelphia, PA

K-12 Market Sector Leader, Arlington, VA

Director of Sports Architecture, Houston, TX

When You Become Our Candidate...


recruiting firm is only as good as its candidates. To that end, we prepared "The Candidate's Bill of Rights" which includes:

1)   We will always return your phone call within 24 hours of receipt.

2)   We will always acknowledge receipt of electronic or written correspondence from you within 24 hours of receipt.

3)   We will not send your credentials to anyone without your advance knowledge and permission and will treat your interest with absolute confidentiality.

4)   We will not present your qualifications for a job for which you are not qualified.

5)   We will not present your qualifications for a job located somewhere to which you do not want to relocate.

6)   We will not present your qualifications for a job whose compensation is less than you are willing to make.

7)   We will not check any of your references without your knowledge or permission.

8)   We will help you package your credentials (both written and graphic) in the most effective way we can at no charge to you.

9)   We will never ever lie to or mislead you about anything during the recruiting process.

10)   If we do not have any positions available, we will keep your resume on file and will consider you as future opportunities arise.

Some of our positions will be advertised. Most, however, we will attempt to fill most discretely through our own network of established contacts on file.

Whether you are looking to change firms, market sectors, or geographic location, if you are contemplating a career move, contact us first.